Komunikat do nieautoryzowanych sprzedawców produktów marki Autel

Dear Vendor,

Due to the success of the Autel diagnostic products within the UK market since 2007 Autel Intelligent Technology Co Ltd China made the strategic decision to create an exclusive distribution hub within the UK. This hub was created at the beginning of 2011. The benefit of the distribution hub is to ensure that Autel UK can pro-actively manage the distribution of Autel product within the UK, enable swift supply of product and monitor the level of support and service that its authorised dealers provide. It is essential to Autel that the excellence of its products is equaled by the service and support offered by those dealers. Autel UK is the distribution hub for Autel China within the UK with Autel Europe to become the distribution hub for the EU. All Autel companies do not consent to 3rd party use of its brand names and other IPR within the EU without its express consent.

To implement these improvements, Autel UK only sell Autel product at dealer rates to our approved distribution channel. Autel have received a high level of support calls from end customers who have purchased product from unauthorised sellers, but who offer little, or in some cases, zero support and this needs to be minimised. It is also important for Autel to police and remove a number of counterfeit items that can be seen on eBay from time to time. All reasonable steps will be taken so that the end customer has confidence that he is purchasing a genuine product which includes UK or EU serial numbers specific to product and approved UK/EU dealer numbers, together with dealer support, service and a 12 month warranty. Please note that trademark infringement carries criminal sections where it is found that a vendor is found to be selling counterfeits. Suspected counterfeits items will be reported to the Trading Standards Office, with whom we have close working relationship.

Autel is working with eBay, their VeRO department and Trading Standards to items that breach our IPR or are counterfeit.

The good news is that Autel is now building a distributor channel throughout the UK and you are welcome to contact us if you would like to be part of the Autel story going forward. Please feel free to email as us sales@autel-tech.com.